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Whether you're slurping up local dishes or exploring nature parks, Singapore's attractions are as diverse as its people. With so much to do, every visit here is likely to be one that you can call your own.

From discovering hidden gems to crossing out must dos, share these tales with us to be featured on our website to inspire others to visit our sunny island.

What others are saying

  • Tim Melero

    Web Content and PR at Mopp, London

    The architecture is superb, the people are pleasant and varied, the history and diversity of the Island is rich. For example, it’s a little known fact that during World War II the loss of the ‘Battle of Singapore’ to the Japanese was then described by our great leader Winston Churchill as the ‘worst disaster’ and ‘largest capitulation’ in British military history. If you didn’t know that, imagine what else you don’t know about this proud island nation. Take my word for it - get off the plane and spend a week there.
  • Raymond Lim

    Director of Les Amis Group Corporate Office & Principle {eat}chitect and {eat}tivist of Studio Woods

    The first thing I love about Singapore is the robustness of flavours which really wakes me up for the day ahead. I absolutely cannot get through one day without one meal of hawker food. Singaporean food is affordable and most importantly, Singaporean food and the places we eat is an undeniable part of our social fabric; whether you are a “towkay” or a student, Singaporean food is a cultural glue that binds us together through the places we eat and interact with each other. Indirectly, Singaporean food preserves the social equity of Singapore!

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